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Intermediate teaching in chemistry was started in 1956 in Deoghar College. Shri A.C.Bose. B.Sc, University of Liverpool, England was appointed as the only teacher in the Department. In 1957 Shri S.R.Gupta joined as a lecturer in Chemistry, Shri. R.L.Lal joined the Department in the year 1959. The present Laboratory was set up by S.R.Gupta and Shri A.Chatterjee. When B.Sc teaching started in 1960 there were just over 18 students enrolled in the Department. Shri B.P.Jha and Shri.S.Sah were appointed as demonstrator then. Later in the year 1961 Prof. J.M.Prasad joined the Department as a lecturer. Prof.H.D.Pandey also joined the Department but for a very brief period of time. Prof B.Singh and Prof. S.D.Sharma continued their services till their retirement. Later in the year 1971 Dr. Rangachari joined the Department. The Department also saw the services of Dr. S.P.Jha, Shri P.N.Dwari. Shri S.C.Jha and Dr. L.B.Singh. Presently the Department is headed by Dr. D.Prasad. The Department of Chemistry possesses well equipped laboratory and has a good number of text books, journals and reference books.

Dr.Dharmendra Prasad
Dr.Dharmendra Prasad
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