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The Department of Hindi started in 1951 with the begining of Intermediate education in the college. The years 1954, 1960 and 1984 where the historic years in the journey of Deoghar college, as it got affiliation for providing B.A(Pass), B.A(Hon) and PG education respectively.The founder HOD of the department was Dr. Bhuwaneshwar Prasad Verma 'Kamal'. late on Prof. Dharamraj Bahadur, Prof Taracharan Khaware,and Dr. Gopal Nandan Jha joined as lecturer in this college, Prof. Satyadhan Mishra joined from S.P.College Dumka, Prof. Awadh Kishore Bhatnagar joined around the year 2000, Prof. Ram Singhasan Singh 'Vikal' also illuminated the department. At present it is under the guidance of Prof. Bhopal Sharma, Dr.Sanjay Kumar, Dr Rakhi Rani, and Dr.Rajesh Kumar Singh. Hindi Department has a very glorifying history, The founder HOD Kamal ji was a great luminary. Dr. Gopal Nandan Jha was the only legend who had D.Lit degree among the lecturers of Bhagalpur University. Prof Taracharan Khaware has made himself distinguish with his creations and writings on broad range of topics and also showed his management skills by successfully completing the duties of Principal-In-Charge. Prof. Satydhan Mishra had great command & knowlege over the subject.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh
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