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S.NoCourse NameFirst YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
1.Intermediate Of Arts IA1 IA2 --
2.Intermediate Of Science ISc1 ISc2 --
3.Bachleor of Arts (Pass) BA1 BA2 BA3
4.Bachleor of Arts (Hon) BA1 BA2 BA2 -
5.Bachleor of Science (Pass) B.Sc1 B.Sc2 B.Sc3 -
6.Bachleor of Science (Hon) B.Sc1 B.Sc2 B.Sc3 -
7.Masters of Arts MA1 MA2 --
8.Masters of Science M.Sc1 M.Sc2 --
9.L.L.B L.L.B1 L.L.B2 L.L.B3 L.L.B4