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Deoghar College NCC has a glorious record of achievements and excellence since the establishment of NCC coys at college about six decades back. In fact our full-fledged Batallion-14 Bihar NCC was established at deoghar with the sole purpose of providing better training to Deoghar College cadets and also to provide administrative support to the college coys. Three independent coys were established at Deoghar College, namely 1/14, 2/14, and 3/14. The history of Deoghar College NCC is the record of selfless service and devotion to duty of the Associate NCC officers. Caption Dr R.S.Pandey, coy commander of 1/14 coy is still remembered as the most devoted NCC officer of Deoghar College, Deoghar. He got the rare honour of working as C.O of 14 Bihar Batallion for some time and got the distinction of training P.T.Os at Officers Training School, Kamptee. Lt.Dr.P.N.P.Verma’s mere presence on the parade ground filled the cadets with a sense of duty and fear. He is still remembered as a strict disciplinarian and known for his unprejudiced approach. 2/Lt.N.Mishra, coy commander of 3/14 coy was very popular P.T.O. in the whole Batallion. It was due to his untiring efforts that all the cadets of Deoghar College always got by heart the Motto and Aims of NCC.

With the reorganization of NCC, 14 Bihar Batallion merged with 23 Bihar Batallion NCC, Bhagalpur. Two coys of Deoghar College were withdrawn. A new coy, 7/23 was again sanctioned in 1986 and Lt.S.N.Jha took charge of the coy on 1st February 1986 and continued in this capacity till 31st January 2007. Lt.S.N.Jha was a regular cadet of 2/14 Bihar Batallion under Lt.P.N.P.Verma from 1968 to 1971. Attendance on parade was made compulsory. At least one P.T.O, two J.C.Os and four N.C.Os. turned up on the ground every day in proper uniform. Training programmes were followed religiously. Since Batallion H.Q. was near the college, Deoghar College NCC cadets were regularly given arms training and range fire practice. Unfortunately the college NCC Firing Range was demolished by the Railway Authorities.

Between the years 2000 and 2002 Deoghar College NCC activities were slightly affected due to transfer of the Batallion H.Q. from Bhagalpur to Hazaribagh. Now it has been transferred to Dhanbad. Lt.Dr.Rajesh Kumar Singh, A.N.O. took charge of the NCC coy in the year 2008. Deoghar Coolege NCC cadets have been regularly attending All India level and State Level Camps. More than a dozen of our cadets have attended R.D.C. at New Delhi. Thousands of our NCC cadets have participated in Annual Training Camps, Regular Army Attachment Camp, Summer Training Camp, Rock Climbing Training Camp, B.L.C Camps, Inter-State Schooting Camps, Para Sailing Camps etc. More than 300 cadets have passed certificate ‘C’ exam and are well placed in their lives. About 1000 cadets have passed certificate ‘B’ exam of Army wing NCC. Again about 300 ex-cadets of Deoghar College have got jobs in the defence services and para-military forces. Depsite general deterioration in discipline in the society and on the campus, NCC cadets are fighting hard to maintain the old glory of this institution. History of Deoghar College will be incomplete without proper reference to the selfless service and discipline of Associate NCC officers and cadets. Their role in nation building will be always be remembered.