The library is an important wing for the student studying in the college. There are more than 40,000 books in the college library which should be utilized mainly to fulfill the necessity of the teachers and students, each and every new book will be registered by the librarian on the advice of the concerned department. The seal of the college will be marked on that book immediately. Books will not be issued without performing this activity. The library card is issued along with the identity card just after the admission. The name of the student, Roll No and class must be inscribed on this identity card, only then the books can be obtained. In case the card id lost or damaged, a new card can be obtained by paying Rs.20/ in the cash office. Information of the missing card must be communicated to the principal, librarian or professor-in-charge as soon as possible. The card has to be submitted in case of leaving the college. The number of maximum books that can be obtained at a time form the library is mentioned below.

Besides teachers, all other members of the library will have to return the books within 15 days, Teachers will be given books for one month and they can obtain books after putting their signature in the library register. The books which are being used by the teachers for general teaching of the students, can be returned later. Books can be issued for the teachers even for one day as per their need but in this case of informal issue, they will have to return the books the same day. Course-books will be issued only to students and teachers. Other members can obtain it after the permission of the Head of the Department. It the students fail to return the book by the fixed time they will be liable to pay a fine of 20 paise per day for each book. If the book is not returned till 30 days then the price of the book and Rs 5/- as penalty will be collected The following books will not be issued from the library

*Note : The librarian has the right to stop issuing any book in special circumstances.